Strengths and Weakness: Capacity Building

At Umbrella Connections we consider all supports as having some part that is Capacity Building. So what do we mean by that?

I knew a Scottish fellow that attempted to bowl a cricket ball, the ball was lucky if it landed on the pitch and often quite a stretch for a batsman to hit it. Obviously, this person’s skills were not in this area. It did not mean the person was identified as hopeless or disabled.

Underpinning ever human being are skills and abilities, unfortunately our society has a tendency to focus on what we can’t do; what mistakes we make, how we are not able to do that or this, or whatever. It can seem that given 9 out of 10 positive remarks about us we seem to fixate on the 1 comment that is not positive. This is due to our survival instinct, which has kept humans alive for a long time now, and it makes sense that if we focus on what is wrong i.e. we see the problem as a threat to us that must be faced, once it has been and is not a threat anymore we can then move on. If we can’t overcome the issue, it can though, become an over emphasized and constant problem that seems to become all we concentrate on.

Umbrella Connections accepts that everyone has some strengths and weaknesses. Our objective is to build on a person’s capacity which will increase someone’s confidence. With confidence a person can then challenge weaknesses.

A fundamental starting point is to NOT be hard on yourself. We can always grow and learn, and particularly good learning comes from giving something a try and failing it. The essential part is to not have the same response which didn’t work the first time around.

Luckily for my Scottish friend he didn’t have to rely on or engage with his weakness too often i.e. he didn’t play cricket. But when a deficit is part of your daily life then it does need addressing. (but don’t forget your skills!)

Building confidence and challenging, particularly emotional discomfort, can already be a long-term battle you have and are having.

Recovery principles of building a sense of self, preparing for a challenge, building resilience and confidence by exposing yourself to the challenge, but having a fallback position i.e. a safe place to be when feeling overwhelmed; and learning how to identify, accept, analysis and prepare for another go; are within everyone’s capacity.

We have a great capacity to learn and mature with every day that passes. If we can use each day as a practice session to improve ourselves we can obtain some sense of serenity in our lives, feel self-worthy and able to just be at peace with our own existence.