Reid Maxwell


Master in Psycho-Analytical Studies


I have had extensive psycho-social experience with people living with anxiety, bi-polar, schizophrenia, depression and personality disorders.

I have a great interest in the quality of the human condition and the need we have to be a part of a community; to feel like we belong and are valued in our efforts to be a positive part of our world. I wish to be a valued part of our society and believe I can assist those who have experienced lesser chances to gain some sense of well-being.

Extensive practice and exposure to the Community Mental Health sector (now over twenty years worth) has exposed me to a broad gamut of emotions, ideas and thoughts from individuals and from within me. Being and working with people diagnosed and struggling to come to terms with their lives has matured me, given me skills/ experiences that I have adopted to now feel I have a good understanding of my capacity to support people trying their best to live with mental health issues.

I have a master in Psychoanalytical Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Community Mental Health and a bachelor of Arts Degree (double major in Psychology) which gave me a great initial learning; but the real experience came from being with people from all parts of our society.

Recent Work History

2002-2020 Employed by the Geelong Mood Support Group Inc in various roles that lead to the final position of Client Services Manager. Duties included:

Oversight under a board to develop a service dedicated to NDIS funded activities and manage a community based psycho-social program funded by Victorian government as a Mutual Support and Self Help service.

Manage the interface between the staff and the clients they supported; this included,

  • Supervision,
  • Guidance,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Goal setting
  • OHS
  • Strategic planning
  • Reporting to a Committee of Management
  • Policy and Procedure development
  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Mentoring
  • Counselling

I like to be active and outdoors on the weekends, riding a pushbike, playing around on my lawnmower or reading a good sci-fi book. I am married with two now adult children.