Capacity Building

This is your plan, and YOU are driving it.

The Capacity Building funding is allocated across eight support sub-categories, each matched with the goals in your plan. You can choose how to spend these funds to purchase any approved individual support within its category, but won’t be able to move funding from one category to another.

The Capacity Building support categories include:

  1. Choice and Control e.g. training in planning and plan management
  2. Daily Activity e.g. therapy aimed at building your capacity to participate
  3. Employment e.g. employment related assessment and counselling
  4. Health and Wellbeing e.g. exercise advice required because of impact of disability
  5. Home Living e.g. support to obtain/retain appropriate accommodation
  1. Lifelong Learning e.g. assistance moving from school to further education
  2. Relationships e.g. positive behavioural support strategies to reduce behaviours of concern
  3. Social and Community Participation e.g. Individual life skills development and training including public transport training and support, developing skills for community, social and recreational participation.

*Support Coordination (if required) is included in the Capacity Building budget. This is a fixed amount for strengthening participant’s abilities to coordinate and implement supports in their plans and to participate more fully in the community.

Reference: NDIS

In our view, all supports have a goal to improve your state of well-being.

Capacity Building does though provide a more concrete aspect to your plan that targets those goals you have already identified in the initial discussions with the NDIS staff members; but we will go deeper to set manageable, realistic, and achievable goals.

We can help you achieve these goals by using step by step support and guidance or by linking you to someone who is skilled in the areas stated.

In this respect an action plan with set areas of interest is identified and discussed. Actions are then developed around these targets.