Psycho-Social Recovery

The beginnings of Psycho-Social Recovery began in the early 1990 when evidence showed that having a mental health diagnosis and being contained in a hospital environment was not as successful as allowing people to live in their own communities as soon as possible. This was termed de-institutionalisation and made a lot of sense both clinically and financially*. With advances in medications and community-based supports; being at home, where someone can stay connected with-in their own social networks, reduced the incidents of people becoming unwell and possibly ‘Institutionalised’.

“The recovery model is a form of social model of disability by contrast to a medical model of disability and may involve “consumers” and “survivors” of mental health service as well as mental health professionals.”

Source: Wikipedia

Medication is a very important aspect to Psycho-social recovery but it is just as important to understand our need for feeling like we Belong, that we have a Voice and are Heard. We are all part of a social network and all of us can have a role to play in the society we choose to be a part of.

The 6 points noted below by the Australian Government outlines the focus of psycho-social recovery; i.e. people being allowed to be themselves, having opportunities for being involved in our society and having respect for themselves and for others. We are after-all a diverse population with differing skills, interests and capabilities, and Umbrella Connections believe each of us wishes to be a part of something. Interesting to note that this is not just a ‘program’ for people with mental health diagnosis but relevant to all of us.

  1. Uniqueness of the individual
  2. Real choices
  3. Attitudes and Rights
  4. Dignity and Respect
  5. Partnership and Communication
  6. Evaluating Recovery


Being accepted and accepting others in all their shapes, sizes, beliefs, and interests; developing your own Sense of Self together with being and accepting others, will assist all of us along that road to Recovery. Being connected to a psycho-social service like Umbrella Connections can provide essential pathways to other social areas that a person can often have difficulty accessing. It also reduces isolation and dislocation from our world which we feel no-one should need to experience.