About us

We are a new NDIS service provider in the Geelong area and we are looking forward to being your connection to your community and helping you enjoy a better daily experience in life.

At Umbrella Connections our staff have had over twenty years of living within the mental health community sector. We believe that by developing understanding in knowing that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and by focusing on capacity, each of us can have a fulfilling life.

By overlapping a Strengths based approach, our support team can assist those who are negatively affected by mental health conditions, to become safer, more connected and more fulfilled in their daily lives.

Our Vision

For a world in which people diagnosed with a mental health condition can live to their full potential in the community of their choice.

Our Mission

To provide a strong foundation for those affected by mental health issues so that they can reach their potential; developing insight, resilience and control within themselves so they can be fully involved in their community.

Our Values

Acceptance, Transparency, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Trust.